About us

Dear friends, seekers of quality olive oil and Mediterranean diet lovers, welcome to our website. Our site provides you all the useful information about organic extra virgin olive we produce driven by love, passion and great interest in this authentic product of the Greek land.

We try our best to produce an exceptional product and be proud to receive positive reviews after you taste our olive oil for the first time. Rekliti’s olive oil is a family product of great tradition. More specifically, my grandfather, Athanasios Reklitis, planted the first olive tree in our land and produced olive oil from 1892 to 1970. His love and passion for this sacred product –as he used to name it- was the reasons that lead to winning the award at the 1957 Thessaloniki International Fair. The tradition was continued by my father, Christos Reklitis, and in recent years by me, Athanasios Reklitis, in the hope of bequeathing my love for olive cultivation to my two sons and my younger daughter.